6 Reasons why you need ski goggles with magnetic exchangeable lenses

6 Reasons why you need ski goggles with magnetic exchangeable lenses
Magnetic exchangeable lenses might seem overrated, but they are definitely not. We have 6 reasons why you need to get your magnetic lens game going this year!

 Here's a quick summary of our 6 reasons:

1. A lens for every weather type

This is the most important reason why you want changeable lenses. Most lenses can only fulfill in sunny or partly cloudy weather, which means you are going to need a different lens to be comfortable in the remaining weather types.

Which lenses do you need?

This totally depends on where and how you ski or snowboard. But luckily we can inform you about the lenses that are best fit for every specific weather type.

There are a lot of factors that can increase comfort of a ski goggle lens, where the most important one is the CE mark category. We will give you a short introduction to the CE mark categories for ski goggles.

We have written a full guide about picking the right lens for every weather type in our winter gear blog. This gives you a much more complete package of information to pick the best lenses.

Snow goggle lens chart for weather types

What does the CE mark stand for on ski goggles?

We will introduce you to the CE mark categories, which indicate the amount of light that is blocked by the lens. There are a total of five CE marks numbered from 0 to 4, where 0 has the lowest light blocking and 4 the highest amount of light blocking. 

The table below is a cheat sheet that will tell you which CE mark category is fit for which weather type. 

CE Category

Best applied weather conditions

CE 0 (80-100% VLT)

Midnight, snowy & cloudy weather 

CE 1 (43-80% VLT)

Misty, snowy & cloudy weather

CE 2 (18-43% VLT)

Cloudy, partly cloudy & slightly sunny

CE 3 (8-18% VLT) Partly cloudy & sunny weather
CE 4 (3-8% VLT) Sunny & extremely sunny weather

*VLT is the Visible Light Transmittance, in other words the amount of light that can get through the lens.

A visual example of the CE mark categories

Every ski goggle or lens sold should have a CE mark of 0 to 4. This is a visual example of the dimming applied by each CE category:

CE category dimming layers


Now you should know for which weather the lens performs best. It is up to you to decide for which weather types you need a lens. We can recommend a combination of a CE 1 & CE 3 lens as this will cover the most weather types.  


2. The fastest way to change your lens

There is no faster way to change your lens than a magnetic gripped lens. You can easily peel of the lens while its on your face and replace it with a different one. The lens will automatically lock into place by the magnetic force caused by the magnets.

You can't actually break it while pulling it off as there are no mechanical connections, which is a huge benefit for it's lifetime.

How the magnetic lens grip works

Magnetic gripped lenses are held in place by the magnetic flux that is caused by the magnets in the frame, attracting the magnets in the lens. The hold is determined by the size and amount of magnets on the lens and frame. For a decent full perimeter grip you will need 8 or more magnets spread equally

Slopester ski goggles

If you are interested in ski goggles with magnetic exchangeable lenses, be sure to check out our Slopester collection. Sustainable ski goggles with a great magnetic grip and a modern edgeless design.

Magnetic exchangeable lenses ski goggles


3. Multiple lens colors

Exchangeable lenses are a great and cheap way to have multiple color lenses for ski goggles. If you are going for a new color every year, consider just buying an extra lens instead!

It's also a great way to match your ski goggles with your skiing outfit in case you bought some new apparel. 


4. Fresh lens, fresh fog reducing start

An extra lens is not only useful for visual appearance and weather application. It is also a great way to reduce the amount of fog that build up on your lens during a day on the slopes.

How does fog build up on your lens?

Fog might be one of the most annoying things that can occur while skiing and snowboarding. Small water droplets are forming on your lens and those will occur as what we call fog. During the day fog will be able to enter your ski goggle and attach to your lens. This means that the biggest amount of moisture is actually on the lens itself.

How does an extra lens reduce fog build up?

By exchanging the used lens that has moisture or fog on it for a dry one, you take away the biggest amount of moisture in your ski goggle and this will actually give you a fresh start. An extra lens that is stored dry can make your life a lot easier on the slopes!

We have an extra 10 tips to prevent your ski goggles from fogging up in our winter gear blog. These might come in handy with picking the right ski goggle!


5. Sustainable

Sustainable living gets more and more attention nowadays. You don't have to go all in on sustainable living to help the world a bit, a small sustainable choice is better than nothing.

Why are magnetic exchangeable lenses sustainable?

Magnetic exchangeable lenses are more sustainable than alternatives for multiple reasons.

Long life span

Magnetic exchangeable lenses have the longest lifespan, as the magnets will not degrade. For comparison, a mechanical clickable lens can break it's mechanical fixations which can not be fixed.


You can easily refurbish your broken lens by buying a new one instead of a whole new goggle. By reducing the amount you throw away you are more sustainable!



6. The silver lining

It might seem a bit overrated, but magnetically exchanging your lenses is the most impressive way to change your lens. The ease and smoothness of changing the lens, a firm click of the magnets that confirms that it's steady in place.

Every time you swap that lens you will have that moment of satisfaction which makes your snowboard goggle so much more than it already is. It's like the silver lining that your ski goggles need!


7. Conclusion

These are our 6 reasons why you need to get your magnetic lenses game going. It might cost you a bit more than alternative snowboard goggles, but you won't regret the extra money for the ease and smoothness of the magnetic lens. 

We can recommend our Slopester ski goggles with magnetic exchangeable lenses to anyone. A broad variety of custom designs and colors is available in our store.

Slopester snow goggles with magnetic exchangeable lenses


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